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CDS Vintec News

Agencies for Labeling & Capsuling


Paarl, South Africa

After almost 40 years of representation, CDSVINTEC will no longer represent Robino & Galandrino (R & G) and Cavagnino & Gatti (C & G) in South Africa. However, we want to reassure our many satisfied clients that we will continue to provide maintenance and service support on current installations and that we have secured replacement agencies.


We have learned that there is some uncertainty regarding the facts of the matter and this press release attempts to provide the background and more context.  



R & G recently acquired OMAR (a manufacturer of external bottle washers) where after CDSVINTEC was requested by R & G to include OMAR in their representation portfolio. However, since we have represented CAMES (local market leader for bottle washers) for 35 years, we could not in good conscience agree to this request. Late last year (2017), we were unilaterally informed by R & G that they took a decision to move local representation to another company willing to take the OMAR agency on board. Given a preference to cooperate with R & G in various international markets, (sharing agents), C & G decided to follow suit.


The future

While it is unfortunate that we were placed in this position through no failure of our own, it also created exiting new opportunities. 


We secured the prestigious PE LABELLER agency for the alcoholic beverage and certain other industries.  PE’s market share in South Africa for labelling applications (not only limited to the wine industry) is substantially more than C & G’s and they offer more solutions than what we had available before. We will also continue with our CDA agency (market leader in the < 3000 bph category).


For capsuling, we now offer solutions by CAMES (for solutions < 4000 bph, in cooperation with OMBF as supply partner as already done internationally) and COSTRAL (for solutions > 4000 bph, through their subsidiary STONE). We have represented CAMES & COSTRAL for 35 years and more than 20 years respectively and installations total more than 80. Our many clients can therefore rest assured that our new solutions will be warranted and supported by companies deeply committed to the local market.    

Jean du Toit (CDSVINTEC CEO)