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CDS Vintec News

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Affordable ‘’egg-shaped’’ wine containers

Should budget or winery space be a constraint, the ‘’egg-shaped’’ SPEIDEL Polyethylene tank offers a cost-effective compromise (vs concrete) and allows for many of the benefits of the concrete egg tanks at a fraction of the cost. Many egg-shaped wine tanks have found their way into local wineries. Results have been very good and lead to a raised awareness of the perceived advantages. However, concrete tanks are expensive and difficult to transport or move around. Egg-shaped Polyethylene tanks that allow for controlled micro-oxygenation offer an alternative solution. It might not have the same thermal qualities than concrete, but are easy to move, smooth inside surfaces can be sanitized easily and they are available at a fraction of the cost of concrete tanks. Other general advantages include the lack of evaporation, no off flavour compounds and no interference with the acidity or pH of the wine. The oxygen permeable egg-shaped tank manufactured by SPEIDEL ( (the FERMENTEGG - available in 250l & 600l), was the 1st in the market and have gone through extensive R & D (including practical feedback from winemakers). SPEIDEL is a trusted name, having manufactured value adding wine containers for more than 100 years (using German precision engineering and process control). The design clearly differentiates it from other options and offer further unique benefits;


  • Tanks are made to proven ratios for optimum oxygen permeability and other functional aspects
  • Other options have relatively ’flat’’ bases and it interferes with vortex formation (keeping lees in suspension with associated benefits) during fermentation
  • Tanks ‘’conserve’’ enough heat needed for fermentation, flavour & colour extraction, but do not ‘’over-heat’’ the wine. Cooling options can be integrated to manage fermentation curves better.
  • Tanks are supplied with concave support bases, allowing for easy access to the valves and look aesthetically good enough to be used as a marketing tool (unlike most others).
  • There are 2 valve openings (draining & racking) and a fermentation syphon bung can be fitted.
  • The top lid opening was kept relatively small purposely, allowing for better cap management (a bigger portion of the cap is immersed), but at 22 cm is still big enough to allow for easy cleaning  
  • Made from food grade polyethylene, BPA free & meet FDA (US) & EU Food Safety Regulations
  • Oxygen permeable at a rate more or less comparable with 2nd fill barrels  
  • Smooth internal surfaces can be cleaned easily, allowing for interchangeable use (red and white)
  • Sealing is good enough (and micro-oxygenation controlled enough) to use as a storage tank for wines that will benefit from additional micro- oxygenation (after fermentation) 

Contact Nina van Niekerk or Jean du Toit for more detail.