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CDS Vintec News

CDSVINTEC, a specialist supplier to the MCC industry to include products for tank fermented sparkling wines, organic wines and vegan wines into their scope of supply.

CDSVINTEC is the undisputed market leader in the supply of yeasts & other adjuvants to the MCC industry, although a limited range of still wine products have always been part of our portfolio. Our historic focus on the MCC industry also allowed us to achieve market dominance in the supply of capital equipment and consumables used in the secondary fermentation process.  

However, it was with interest that we noted a growing interest in products for sustainable wine production (organic & biodynamic), vegan friendly wines, as well as tank fermented sparkling wines. As addressing these opportunities potentially fitted well with our specialization approach, we were interested.  The problem was that the product range of our supplier at the time was primarily focused on MCC production only. However, the timing of the opportunity coincided with our previous supplier’s decision to move their distribution to a local distributor within the same group of companies for reasons of retaining margins in the group and in full appreciation of our historic efforts.    

We were fortunate enough to secure a distribution agreement (effective January 2019) with STATION OENOTECHNIQUE (part of the SOFRALAB group based in France), in order to address our MCC product requirements. STATION OENOTECHNIQUE, together with our previous supplier, dominate supply to the French Champagne industry with a market share of approximately 50% (and a market penetration of approximately 70%). This agreement managed to secure our crucial focus on the local MCC industry, but had the added bonus of including a comprehensive range of products for tank fermented sparkling (not available to us before).

Products available from the SOFRALAB division focusing on still wines (branded MARTIN VIALATTE, include a comprehensive range for organic and vegan wine preparation.  By implication we will cover ‘’fining’’ and ‘’flotation’’ in full, but our range will also include yeasts, nutrients, yeast products, enzymes, tannins, bacteria, tannins, preservatives and other specialized products.

SOFRALAB Group has been certified by ECOCERT as a supplier of organic oenological products and has already listed more than 300 oenological products for organic wine making in accordance with EU regulation EC-834/2007 & EU-2003/2012 and in accordance with the American NOP regulations. The range and diversity available make them the leading supplier for organic wine making locally. ECOCERT registrations are updated in real time and officially informs clients about listed products and simplifies administration. It is also accepted as a sufficient guarantee by the local auditors if accompanied by the guarantee on the invoice.  Please contact CDSVINTEC for various options to link to the ECOCERT data base. SOFRALAB can also supply all relevant documentation needed to prove that wines were produced in accordance with vegan principles, for those products listed as vegan friendly.  

For more information, please contact Helene v/d Westhuizen on her e-mail ( or call her on 082 693 8984.