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CDS Vintec Consumable Products For Beverage Bottling, Sealing, Tamperproofing & Packaging

Capsules (Polylaminate, Aluminium & Tin)

Polylaminate Capsules:

A Polylaminate capsule is a secondary closure used primarily in the wine and spirits industries that provides tamper-evidence as well brand enhancement. Capsules can be supplied plain or decorated with a variety of decorating techniques. These capsules are of a two- piece construction.  The “Skirt” is made from a multi-layer lamination of aluminium-polyethylene-aluminium and the top disk is made from a single layer of aluminium. The two pieces are glued together using heating and pressure.


Rivercap™ capsules offer beauty and quality with simplicity of use and excellent economical value. With unlimited colours and shades, a variety of finishes, and numerous taper sizes, it is easy to create customized perfection. Top and side decoration can be hot-stamped, blind embossed or ink & embossed, and/or rotogravure-printed in up to 8 colors. Rivercap provides two different thicknesses, Standard or Premium (



Enoplastic, the largest capsule manufacturer in the world, was founded in 1957 by Francesco Macchi. The Macchi family joined forces with the Moglia family in 2001 to create a partnership which expanded around the world. Today they continue to be a cost effective & innovative  leader in capsule manufacturing. CDSVINTEC offers both branded and unprinted capsules in various colours. Minimum order for stock capsules is a full box. Stock capsules are typically 28.5 x 55mm and have a grape top emboss and two breather holes. (



Tin Capsules

Our exclusive supplier is Rivercap. Their tin capsules are made from a single piece of tin with no seams and are highly malleable to adapt to the bottles shape. The capsules are spray painted to give a depth of colour and high quality finish. Capsules can be custom made, with embossing and silk screen printing. Rivercap™ tin capsules are crafted as a nine-stage deep drawn shell from a single-piece of pure high-grade tin to ensure an elegant, flawless finish. Six-colour (or two-colour registered) side printing, plus high-resolution top printing and/or embossing, completes the finest in customized capsule design. Other advantages include high scuff-resistance, flexible product dimensions, tear strip and pull tab options, and compliance with CONEG heavy metal limits. (


Aluminium Capsules

CDSVINTEC offers Rivercap’s aluminium capsules for high-quality wines. Inked and blind top embossment and silk screening on the skirt are available to customize these seamless capsules. What’s more, the diffused air brushed colouring process adds depth, ensures rich colours, and reinforces resistance to abrasions. Other advantages include the preservation of the material’s flexibility, high-accuracy placement without creasing, and environmentally responsible printing.


Sparkling Wine Foil, Muselets & Wire hoods

CDSVINTEC supplies foils and wire hoods from renowned French supplier Sparflex. Produced in the Champagne region of France, they utilize cutting edge equipment, ongoing R & D investment and a constant QC emphasis to develop high-quality wire hoods and foils with enhanced visual aspects. Reliable performance, unparalleled quality and an infinite array of customization options of the wire hoods and foils make it possible to achieve an exceptional finish for any wine range, especially premium and super premium ranges. Also available is a range of standard foils and unbranded wire hoods & (that can be colour coded) for the High Volume/Lower Margin sparkling wine brands. (


  • Branded Sparflex wirehoods & muselets are the perfect finishing touch for sparkling wine, cider or beer packaging. Numerous customization options are available, with more than 30 standard plate colours, 11 wire colours, and a variety of finishes, such as embossing, indenting, and offset or pad printing.  
  • Custom Printed Muselets: Muselets can be custom printed/branded and embossed. Sparflex’s hoods & muselets are manufactured in the same factory enabling colour and print to be matched for the perfect presentation of your sparkling wine.
  • Non branded Stock Muselets & wire hoods: Please contact CDSVINTEC for more detail about colours & options  available for non branded standard colour muselets and generic wirehoods



  • The Sparlux Premium Range of Foils & Hoods: CDSVINTEC  offers Sparlux® foils, bringing unparalleled quality, reliable performance, and appealing aesthetics to enhance the visual aspect of your top-of-the-range wines. The detail of inked relief, the thickness of the material, the texture and the general appearance of the foil all contribute to furthering your exceptional brand image. Sparlux foils are made of polylaminate and have a unique rigid added-on head that is 100% aluminium, ensuring your foil’s top will be smooth and aesthetically pleasing. All Sparlux foils have the option of Easy Dizy 2®, a high precision tool that enables the end customer to achieve perfect opening with a single elegant gesture. Customized perfection is possible with many available taper sizes, four-color printing on the head, three different thicknesses and a variety of finishes, including hot stamping, embossing, inking, and helio printing. Customers may select among the Reserve, Vintage, and Grande Cuvée packages.


  • Softline Premium Hoods:  A range of hoods & muselets with a silky touch. Made to order with options of hood style, printing, hot foil stamping, embossing in a range of lengths and tapers.
  • Absolute GreenLine: The eco friendly sparkling foil alternative, combining bio-based polyethylene (PE) with acrylic inks, replacing oil and solvents. The sparkling foil offers a wide range of colours and foil weights. It can be personalised using hot stamping, inside colouring, and painted or blind embossing on top. Made from eco friendly sugar cane bio-based PE, it has the same technical performance as foil made from petro-chemical based PE.
  • Standard Foils: Our standard foils are the ideal economical finish offering great value for your sparkling wines. The aesthetic value of the foil is enhanced by the quality of the printing and precision of the hot stamping, available for the head and the skirt. Made of polylaminate with a paper top disk. With a choice of unique colors and several possible finishes, you may customize your foil to fit your personal brand image.


Crown Caps (For MCC & RTD’s, Ciders, Craft Beer, Soft drinks etc)

Crown Corks for MCC

PE.DI is a family-owned business established in 1982. A world leader in the production of high quality PVC free crown seals made to protect sparkling wine and currently the dominant supplier to most high end MCC producers in South Africa. Available in steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Inlays and bidules are made from durable Food Grade Polyethylene, meeting all current CIVC, INE, FSANZ, EU & FDA standards. Alone in offering Saranex coated inlays that provides the lowest osmotic potential currently available in any crown seal – perfect for final closure or 4+ year tirage wines. (


Composition  Options for MCC Crowns Caps (without bidules):

  • Standard Steel E4/E4 – For Tirage
    • Steel with 4 layers of tin for corrosion resistance on each side of the crown.
    • Available in 2 or more new colours every vintage for inventory and vintage control of tirage wines.
    • Inlay options; Injected polyethylene or Saranex coated polyethylene disk


  • Aluminium – For Tirage and Final Closure
    • Rust free & less wear and tear on disgorging machines.
    • Available in 2 or more new colours every vintage for inventory and vintage control of tirage wines.
    • Inlay options; Injected polyethylene or Saranex coated polyethylene disk


  • Stainless Steel - For Tirage (4 years) + Final Closure.
    • Rust free & ideal for final closure combined with POS Inlay.
    • Scratch and dent resistant.
    • Inlay: Saranex coated polyethelene disk

Crown caps with incorporated Bidules


Bidule PEDISIC, combined with the crown cap, fulfils tightness of liquid and gas, assuring a perfect adhesion within the bottle neck finish.


For champagne bottle neck Ø 26 and Ø 29 mm, jeroboam for crown Ø 36 mm


Low-density polyethylene

Crown caps with incorporated Bidules

Crown caps for RTD’s & Beers

Based in Greece, ASTIR is family owned and was founded in the 1950’s. They supply crown corks to the alcohol (RTD, Beer, Cider etc) and soft drinks industries and is an accredited supplier for all the major beverage role players including ABInBev, Coca Cola, PEPSI, CARLSBERG, HEINEKEN, Starbev, CAMPARI and SABMiller. They are also the leading supplier to the Craft Beer industry in Northern America (client list available on demand). Accreditations include BRC Global, ISO 14001 & 22 000, US FDA, SAI Global, SEDEX, HACCP & SGP. (


  • Crown Types

Internationally the “Pry off” (vs “Twist off”) option is preferred for reasons of tamper proofing. We offer both in either Tin Free Steel (TFS) or Electrolytic Tin Plate (ETP) but recommend using ETP.


  • Liner options

Although PVC liners can be supplied, we recommend to use Dry Blend PVC Free liner that meets all EU & North American Health and Food Safety standards. Many of the liners currently found in South Africa, does not meet these international requirements.


  • Value added options

We offer 2 special compounds that can be integrated into the liner. The oxy scavenger option reduce oxygen ingress of the product (from oxygen captured in the bottle’s headspace), extends the shelf life and assists in protecting against corrosion. The oxy liner prevents oxygen from entering the container from outside, but is not needed if positive pressure exists in the container.  We recommend to include the oxy scavenger option when stock turnover time is uncertain or for high end quality differentiated products  (ea craft beers).



ROPP’s (Screw Caps)

Our supplier for ROPP’s used for Wine & Spirits is NIPRA. They have produced aluminium closures since 1982 and is the largest role player in the Indian sub continent and an accredited supplier to many international pharmaceutical, edible oils and wine & spirits companies (including Diageo, United Spirits, Pernod Ricard). The products are exported to more than 20 countries in continents of Africa, Europe, Middle East, South America and South East Asia. (


We use the aluminium closures of Alplast for Edible oil & vinegar. (


Wine ROPP Closures

Liner options available

  • Saranex™ ,
  • Tin-saran™ coated liners
  • Specially adapted PVDC Sarantin type liner to accommodate pressures of up to 5 Bar.


Range available

  •  30/59mm for 750 ml wine bottles
  •  Various sizes for smaller bottles (suitable for airlines)


Aesthetic enhancement options (the options listed below can be combined and produced with a  variety of base finishes such as gloss, satin and matt)

  • embossing (top and sidewall), 
  • hot foil stamping (top and sidewall),
  • silk screen printing (top and sidewall)
  • as well as offset printing (top and sidewall).


Spirits & other liquor closures

We offer a wide variety of ROPP  closures ranging in size from approx 18mm to 32 x 55 for spirits and various other options for pharmaceutical products


Edible Oil & Vinegar closures

Available in 31.5 x 24mm size (threaded and unthreaded)