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CDS Vintec Winery Cooling & Temperature Control

Winery Cooling & Temperature Control

CDSVINTEC proudly represents KREYER ( KREYER was founded more than 40 years ago and is differentiated from the competition by having an exclusive focus on wineries, achieving a specialist knowledge in wine temperature control at all stages of vinification and other winery process control issues.  They are also the only cooling specialist offering winery process control systems (other options available in the market are sold as free-standing packages and none is offered by other cooling specialists).  KREYER cooling and temperature control equipment has a well-earned, proven reputation and have developed innovative computerised systems for temperature regulation, CO₂ monitoring, micro/macro oxidisation and room temperature control. Heat-exchangers and room acclimatisation units complement their range.



1. Indirect Cooling Applications




These cooling only units are the ideal solution for wineries requiring a fixed installation. 24 models available with capacity ranges between 200kW and 1000kW cooling. Units are weatherproof designed for being outdoors permanently. 





For those needing both cooling and heating temperature control, these air-cooled chillers were developed exclusively for the wine industryRanging in cooling capacities from 9 to 180 kWEnvironmentally friendly R407 C refrigerantCooling water temperature from approximately -10 to +15 degreesCan be linked with thermo ventilators and other Kreyer accessories





These indirect cooling applications are simple to operate and have the advantage of being “plug and play” & easy to install. Available in 3 models, some also with heating capacity.  

Chilly: compact, cooling only (2.4 - 4.5 kW)

Chilly Max: compact, mobile, cooling & heating (6.4 - 12.7kW)

MCK: compact, cooling & heating, s/steel casing (6.1 - 72.4 kW)


2. Indirect Cooling Applications




Both options are mobile tube-in-tube refrigeration solutions.

The Kreyopack wine cooling unit consists of a cooling aggregate in the upper part and a heat exchanger in the lower part (mounted inside a stainless-steel frame on wheels). Cooling capacity options range from 9 – 91kW.

The SR wine cooling units also consist of a cooling aggregate in the upper part and a heat exchanger in the lower section. Both are mounted inside a stainless-steel frame on wheels and can be used for cooling and heating wine or must. Capacity options range from 13 -  85kW.


3. Thermo-ventilators for room cooling & acclimatization



The SD range are for cooling/acclimatization of rooms up to 2500m2.  The TA range can be used for rooms up to 2200m2. The MR range are designed for the acclimatization of smaller rooms up to 500m2.  All are easy to install and well suited for humid environments.


4. Fermentation & Temperature Control



A fundamental factor for producing great wine is a well-controlled fermentation process. However, it is not only about reaching an “optimal” temperature but rather about having the right temperature at each stage of the fermentation process. 


KREYER’s temperature controller for individual tanks (FermFlex), is made to be used for the electronic measurement and control of the fermentation temperature. The controller is equipped with a data interface that can be connected to a PC, allowing the winemaker to make modifications to tank temperature either directly on the controller placed in the wine cellar (or through the VinInfo software comfortably from the office). FermFlex is ideal for winemakers that wish to have the temperature display directly on the tank and that would like to enjoy a quick changeover whenever they need to alternate between the tanks to be regulated. The controller is available in two versions – as a simple FermFlex controller with a loose cable or as complete system FermFlex-Mobile with an incorporated solenoid valve, filter, temperature sensor and a safety transformer to be connected with the electric power supply of 230V. The FermFlex-Mobile can be very easily disconnected from one tank and with minimal set-up effort - reconnected to another for temperature control.



 Automated winery systems generally centre around temperature control with tanks. Sensors monitor and report temperature--and, depending on the setup, control temperature so that it stays within a specified target range during fermentation and storage. The Kreyer VinInfo system does all of this, but also allow for total winery control, including;


Control of fermentation temperature, rate (& length):

  • Automatic cooling and heating in compliance with the pre-set temperatures.
  • Highly precise temperature measuring and long-term stability through automatic calibration
  • Fermentation length & rate may be controlled using the unique CO2 monitoring system (more information below).  Records can be used to set future batches ensuring consistency of fermentation and storage conditions. 


Measurement of CO2-Emission:


  • Monitoring of fermentation intensity by use of CO2 sensors
  • Automatic calculation of the must weight reduction after the initial entry of the one-time sugar concentration
  • The fermentation intensity curve is linked to a pre-set temperature


Oxygen dosing:


  • Highly precise possibility for dosing of medical oxygen with micro- as well as with macro-oxygenation.
  • Freely adjustable dosages and periods of treatment
  • Exact reproducibility


Room climate control (temperature & humidity):


  • Automatic cooling and heating of rooms in compliance with the pre-set temperature
  • Humidification and dehumidification of rooms (e.g. barrel cellars) in compliance with the desired air humidity


Fully programmable clock timers:


  • Automatic activation of stirring machines, mash plungers, heavy-duty sockets or rotor tanks


Energy management:


  • Automatic activation of circulating pumps and or cooling units if required
  • Ventilator-control saves energy through a so-called "night cooling". The cooling unit of the cellar will only be activated when a compensation by the ventilator is not possible


The system can also be controlled remotely via the internet and a SMS warning alarm option is available. The VinInfo layout plan shows that it is in all respect a modular system. Every tank or every additional object (pump, air-conditioning, tank etc) is being managed by the Basic Unit. The Basic Unit is being connected with the Server or Terminal via BUS cable. Minimal installation work, optional expandability and access to the system via a local network (LAN) or internet.