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CDS Vintec Bottling Lines For Wine, Spirits, Beer & Other Beverages

Specialized closure equipment for Corks (including for Sparkling Wine), Mushroom plastic corks, ROPP Screw Caps, Plastic Inserts (bidules), Ring Pull caps, T Caps, Pressure caps & Crown Corks

AROL is represented by CDSVINTEC in the Wine, Spirits & Alcoholic Beverage industries. They are specialists in the  design and production of capping / closure systems (to apply ROPP’s, Corks, Crown caps etc) for many noteworthy Bottling & Filling equipment suppliers to incorporate into their machines, but also manufacture stand- alone units.



They are globally recognized as the market leader of specialized closing solutions as well as in-line safety & control inspection systems. These systems control the capping/sealing  process from the analysis of the caps & containers before and during filling, as well as the measurement of product integrity after the capping. Partners of AROL for control systems are FT SYSTEM and L-PRO. The FT System team is specialized in providing customers with control & inspection systems - both in laboratory and in-line – for checking and measuring; Weight, Empty containers, Pet pre-forms, Leaks, Fill volumes, Removal torque and the presence and quality of labels. The L-PRO team is specialized in providing customers with CO2 and O2 non-invasive control & inspection systems applying the laser spectroscopy technologies for: wine & spirit, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry.


Monoblocs for Rinsing/Filling/Corking ,Screw Capping, Crown capping

Monoblocs for Medium - High speed applications

Our supplier, EUROSTAR, can supply medium to high speed rotary rinsing/filling (low vacuum or pressure), corking/screw capping Monoblocs for all types of beverages to fill in glass, PET and other formats. Formed in 1996, they are consistently installing approx 150 Monoblocs annually (


Monoblocs for Medium & slower speed applications  & Mobile Bottling

Our supplier, COSTRAL,  established a strong reputation for robust, reliable and ergonomic Monoblocs for 2.500 - 3.500 bph requirements. The compact and sturdy construction makes it perfect for mobile bottling installations (numerous local references are available). It is also very suitable for medium speed fixed line installations where technological innovation, proven reliability, situation specific configuration options, ease of maintenance and cost considerations  are important. (


Monoblocs for dispensing, shrinking & roll-on of capsules and/or sparkling wine foiling & wire hooding

Medium - High Speed Capsuling Applications

Fully automatic capsuling machines produced by COSTRAL (through their subsidiary STONE) are suitable for production speeds up to 15 000 b/h.
As COSTRAL has been represented in the local market for almost 3 decades (with numerous installations), technical backup is guaranteed (

COSTRAL (through their other subsidiary ALBAGNAC), can also offer a combined labeller/capsule dispenser / application unit for production speeds of 6000 b/h.


Suitable for tin, aluminium, Polylaminate or PVC foils (with a combined turret that can also offer screw capping functionality) and available in various configurations from 6 – 16 heads. Options include combined turrets in various configurations including Foil spinning & screw capping or Foil spinning & capsule shrinking or Foil spinning & screw capping + separate, but incorporated shrink tunnel.
For more information, please visit:


The DIVONA labeller/capsuling unit for packaging lines up to 6000 b/h. It is a Capping monobloc for putting on capsules and positioning adhesive labels on all types of cylindrical or shaped (conical, ovoid, square) bottles.
Admissible diameters are 55 - 115 mm. Given the design and integration of 2 separate functions, it is particularly suited in applications where space is at a premium. It is manufactured by ALBAGNAC, part of the COSTRAL Group that has been active in the local market for more than 25 years.
For more information, please visit:


Medium – Slower speeds (max speed: 2500 bph)

Our supplier CDA offers a range of high-performance and robust automatic capsuling machines (can be combined with labelers) made to handle all shapes and sizes of wine bottles for optimum presentation quality (


Low – Medium Speed Capsuling Applications

Our supplier OMBF, specializing in Low – medium speed applications, offers various automatic and semi-automatic capsuling machines suitable for productions from 600 to 4000 b/h (
OMBF acts in association with (and is warranted by) CAMES in South Africa (and in many international markets), CAMES have established numerous local installations over a period of almost 40 years. Machines offered include:


UNIVERSAL CAPPING MONOBLOC (up to 1500 b/h Tin, Polylam & Alu caps)

For the distribution & closure of; Champagne foils, PVC shrink caps, Still wine type Polylaminate, tin and aluminium caps.
Designed to meet the needs of small and medium producers and suitable for bottling in glass containers with a ø of 55 to 115 mm with maximum height of 190 to 375 mm.
Available versions include:

  • SPIN-ON HEAD + PNEUMATIC HEAD (WITH/WITHOUT optical centring) + SHRINK HEAD; Max 1,500 b/h
  • PNEUMATIC HEAD for large sparkling wine capsules WITH/WITHOUT optical centring; Max 1,500 b/h
  • SPIN-ON HEAD for capsules in polylaminate, lead, tinfoil, aluminium; Max: 1,500 b/h
  • PNEUMATIC HEAD (WITHOUT optical centring) for large sparkling wine capsules + SHRINK HEAD for PVC thermo-retractable capsules; Max 1,500 b/h – 3,000 b/h
  • PNEUMATIC HEAD (WITHOUT optical centring) for large sparkling wine capsules + SPIN-ON HEAD for capsules in polylaminate, lead, tinfoil aluminium; Max 1,500 b/h
  • SPIN-ON HEAD for capsules in polylaminate, lead, tinfoil, aluminium + SHRINK HEAD for PVC shrink capsules; Max 1,500 b/h – 3,000 b/h


ROTARY CAPPING MONOBLOC (up to 4000 b/h for Tin, Polylam & Alu caps)

For distribution & closure of Polylaminate / tin / aluminium caps (using 4 spinning heads @ 3,500 - 4,000 b/h) or PVC caps (using 4 shrink heads @ 5,000 b/h). The monobloc includes possibility to add 2 more stations to process champagne foils (together with other capsules) on the same machine.

Labelling Solutions

Medium - High Speed Rotary Labelling:

The rotary self-adhesive labellers of MONDIAL (, part of P.E. LABELLERS GROUP (, focuses on the wine industry (or other industries with similar application requirements).
P.E. (since 1974) is widely regarded as one of the world leaders in the labelling sector, approaching 11.000 installations. Many P.E. labellers are to be found in the South African wine industry, although the initial focus was to achieve market leadership in other industry sectors.
Having achieved this objective, the rebranding of the dedicated wine industry range (From P.E. to MONDIAL) took place late in 2017. P.E. branded labellers will continue to be sold to other industries, but the MONDIAL range, manufactured in a dedicated plant, focus on the wine industry and other similar applications.
Such focus holds many advantages, including:


  • Manufacturing savings that make the range very price competitive (notwithstanding advanced design & functionality advantages)
  • Advantages associated with a focus on "application precision" vs the alternative to focus primarily on "high application speed". The range covers 1500 to 18 000 b/h, but should higher speed be desired, manufacturing will be outsourced to P.E. Group’s other manufacturing plant.
  • Using an ergonomic frame for easy access for maintenance & changeover operations
  • Multi label application functionality (normally 3 – 4, but can be up to 6)
  • The central body is available in different versions of a modular design. This allows for easy future upgrade (to add more labelling stations or other functionalities). Design characteristics allow for modular machines with either mechanical cams or electronic cam-shafts with integrated servomotors.
  • Leading edge, product differentiating bottle orientation options. The optical & mechanical spotting systems allows for automatic alignment of printed capsules, side and bottom notch lugs, silk screen prints, bottle seams, labels, seals etc.


CDSVINTEC (having sold, installed & maintained labellers to the wine sector for more than 40 years), was the logical choice as a focused agency holder. Our supply options now cover a wider range with more technology advanced options available.

Slow – Medium Speed Linear Labelling

Throughput of 800 - 2500 b/h

The range of labelling systems offered by CDA ( covers a wide range of applications, in semi-automatic & automatic linear format covering the range of 800 – 2500 b/h. By far the market leader in volume sales, it is easy to set-up, user-friendly, very flexible & compact, the labellers are extremely price competitive and able to apply any type of adhesive labels onto the majority of container types. It has also very popular for those offering mobile labelling services, having proved its ruggedness under adverse conditions.

CDA also offers the potential inclusion of capsuling on some of their machines. This has proved very popular for smaller producers and/or where available space is at a premium. A very popular CDA machine is the Lystop S, an automatic labelling machine specially designed for the Wine sector. This machine applies up to four labels (label, back label, neck and medal label) on wine bottles (and can include capsuling capacity). It allows for fast and efficient labelling of bottles (up to 2500 b/h) and can be incorporated into a medium-speed bottling line.

Throughput of 2500 - 3000 b/h (and other alternatives)

Solutions not covered by the CDA range are available from French producer, ALBAGNAC (part of the COSTRAL Group). COSTRAL has been represented in South Africa for more than 25 years. A very popular machine is the MERCURE III. It is a distribution / capping / self-adhesive linear labelling machine adapted to packaging lines at a rate of 3000 b/h, so it effectively covers the gap between the 2500 bph CDA LYSTOP and the point where a rotary machine (> 3000 b/h), may be preferable.
For more information, please visit:

Bottle Washers & Dryers, Cork Feeders & Orientators and Full bottle heaters

Machines from our supplier, CAMES, are available in several models, so as to satisfy a wide range of production requirements, and they can be tailored to the customer's needs thanks to a vast choice of accessories (


Automated Packaging solutions (bottle de-palletizing & carton packing, carton palletizing, carton erecting & sealing, pallet shrink wrapping etc.)

CDSVINTEC collaborates with various suppliers depending on the specific needs of the customer. For simple solutions we work with selected locally manufactured equipment suppliers. Our range of imported equipment includes situation specific solutions for the de-palletising  of bottles,  carton erecting/packing/sealing/ palletizing & pallet shrink wrapping. Contact CDSVINTEC for more detail.