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CDS Vintec Processing Equipment for MCC, Craft Beer & Distilling

Neck freezing, Disgorging-Dosing, Corking-Wiring, Blending for dosage bottles

We supply the full range of machinery from our supplier TDD GRILLIAT to handle bottle fermented sparkling wine (Disgorging – dosing, Corking-Wiring, Blending for dosage bottles etc) and are the undisputed industry leader for the supply of MCC processing equipment for many years. Via the agency of CDSVINTEC, TDD Grilliat has been the equipment supplier in South Africa for almost 90% of all installations in this specialized area ( also supply exclusively the equipment of Duguit Technologies (Champagnel) for various bottle neck freez options. ( or


Neck freezing, Disgorging-dosage (& Fill levelling) machines:


Once the bottle is riddled (sediment in the neck), there are two ways to remove the yeast. The first involves removing the crown cap at just the right moment as the bottle is inverted from neck “down” to neck “up”. This allows all of the yeast sediment and a very small amount of wine to be expelled due to the internal bottle pressure. In contrast the Neck freezing method has become more common with automation. It involves inserting the bottle neck-down into an ice bath to freeze the wine (and the yeast sediment) in the neck, allowing the bottle with a frozen yeast plug in its neck to be moved without risk of re-clouding the wine. Disgorging is the removal of yeast lees and crown caps/bidules. Dosage (sweetening & possibly adding SO2 or other additives) and restoring the volume to the proper fill level (Fill levelling) are the next two operations. We offer various machines (from semi to fully automated) for these processes.


  • Semi-automatic, automatic, rotary & robotic neck freezing options integrated into disgorging-dosage lines  
  • Semi-automatic "traditional" disgorging machine. Output : Up to 800 bph
  • Semi-automatic with “neck freezing” disgorging-dosage machine . Options from 150-700 bph
  • Automatic disgorging-dosage machine.Options from 500-1200 bph
  • Automatic rotary disgorging machine 8 or 12 stations. Options from 2500 or 4500  bph
  • Automatic rotary dosage machine: Options from 1500 - 4000 bph



Corking-wiring machines :


Semi-automatic corkers and wirers can be supplied as separate units or as combined units on one machine. Automated units combine corking and wiring, but may also include disgorging, dosing &  levelling in the same unit.


  • Semi Automatic at 800bph
  • Automatic with output 1000 - up to 1800 bph
  • Automatic options available with high speed  corking – wiring (ex Other Suppliers)    


Blending machines:

  • Semi Automatic with output up to 1000bph
  • Automatic (linear) with output up to up to 1800bph
  • Automatic Rotary. Various options with outputs from  2500 – 12 000bp



Automated riddling

The system supplied by CDSVINTEC has been the undisputed industry standard for many years and are superior in quality, finishing details, sturdy design and unit capacity if compared against any other imported or locally manufactured systems. Riddling is the mechanical shifting of lees deposit within a bottle to the area inside the neck and involves 2 rotation movements, 1 for the cage & 1 for the inclination.We can supply automated solutions that are reliable, robust, scalable and proven over 40 years for any situation.  The units are very robust and do not require adjustments or particular maintenance. They are hot galvanized, each cage holding 504 bottles (26% more than the less robust, mostly non hot galvanized options available elsewhere) and therefore still the price leader  - if expressed per unit  riddled. (


Gyro-palette - Single Cage Riddling System.

This machine riddles 1 box at a time. Automated control can accommodate 8 Simple cages.


Gyro-Palette - Double Cage Riddling System (Duo)

This machine riddles 2 boxes at the same time. Automated control can handle 8 double cages.


Gyro-Palette - Multiple Cage riddling system (Quadra)        


This machine riddles 4 boxes at the same time. Automated control can handle 4 Quadra cages.


Micro Brewery Equipment

We supply turn-key installations for the entire beer production cycle. Our supplier  (I.F. ind), based in Italy, manufactures complete lines for the entire production cycle including; mashing equipment, process and fermentation tanks, semi-automatic or automatic CIP systems and single or double deck pasteurization tunnels or plate pasteurization equipment. Heating and cooling come in several sizes from 3 to 200 m², and the plate pasteurizers can have 1 - 4 stages with productions of 1,000 l/hr to 50,000 l/hr. The main advantage of the products & technologies developed by I.F.ind. is (1) cost effective flexibility and the (2) reassurance provided by more than 2 decades experience in pressure vessel manufacturing. While small modular systems can be supplied, they specialize in supplying equipment for Pub microbreweries(designed for installation in the pub/restaurant) and Industrial microbreweries (designed especially for medium-sized volumes of beer production). (



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