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CDS Vintec Winery Processing Equipment

Grape Reception, Sorting & Receiving lines (de-stemming, mechanical sorting & MOG Removal)

Infeed tipping system for controlled destemming/sorting)

Grape destemming & sorting systems are generally fed with an inclined conveyer that feeds into the system in a controlled manner.
An alternative system (especially applicable where small picking bins are not used, but where grapes arrives in larger increments) is the EURO-MACHINE / STHIK tipping system with vibrating discharge.
Equipped with state-of-the-art unloading technology it is available in different versions for gentle unloading of the grapes without mechanical stress. It can be stationary or on a trailer. The stationary systems can allow for volumes of 1250 – 10 000 l and in this way can facilitate (almost) uninterrupted destemming / sorting.


Automated destemming, mechanical Sorting & MOG removal

The SOCMA vibrating de-stemmer ("CUBE"), vibrating hopper & VINICLEAN belt conveyor is an industry leading solution for de-stemming, sorting & MOG removal requirements of < 10t/h.
The compact design allows for 6 processing functions within 1m² (Removal of fruit from the stem, Distribution over the vibrating hopper, Screening of released juices, Recovery of screened released juices, Removal of vegetable wastes & Recovery of sound fruit).
According to a recent article published by the Australian Wine Institute, the SOCMA system is one of the 3 leading MOG removal options available, but it is also by far the most economical option available. Since being made available locally in 2016, it has outsold all other comparable options combined.
Many references are available on request. CDSVINTEC can assist to design and manufacture the most appropriate upstream and downstream requirements, including inclined conveyors for feeding the system in a controlled manner.



The advantages of Scharfenberger’s range of de-stemmers/sorters:

  • Suitable for both machine and hand harvested grapes
  • 7 different sizes 2 – 80t/h available
  • Offset mounting of shaft and cage
  • Feeding hopper with free run juice collection trough
  • Frequency-controlled feeding auger
  • De-stemming shaft and cage are easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance
  • Variable speed of the de-stemming shaft and the cage
  • Stainless steel cage, electro-polished, with 22/18 mm holes
  • Stainless steel construction

The advantages of CME’s de-stemmers:

  • Designed for the large wineries, they are very robust
  • Able to de-stem at rates from 90 – 130t/h, they address high throughput needs efficiently
  • Built with reliability and  gentle handling in mind. 




Automated Optical Sorting with destemming & MOG removal

With a capacity of 5 t/h (depending on the variety and grape quality, the grapes are sorted harvest to be sorted whilst in free fall by 4 HD-cameras (with detection of visible colours (RGB) and infrared (IR). It incorporates a "Chroma" ‐ function with variable adjustable colour detection from surface to core and is programmable by digital control with touchscreen (memory for 8 programs).

Automated destemming & crushing solutions

Destemming solutions with optional crushers for capacities up to up to 80t/h are available from Euro-machines/ Scharfenberger.
For more information, see: and up to 130 t/h from CME.
For more information see;
Smaller standalone crushers are also available from various other suppliers, including Socma & Mori. More information on request.


Grape reception for hand sorting & manual processing

We offer various custom made solutions for modular free-standing equipment that can be integrated into a single line. More information available on request.

Drainers / De-juicers

Our supplier MARZOLA have specialized in the design &  manufacture of wine machinery since 1851, including the equipment to allow for de- juicing before crushing (designed to extract the free must at low pressure before reaching the press). (

Various Presses (Pneumatic, Basket, Final) & Centrifuges

CDSVINTEC is associated with several suppliers to address the different specialized requirements that exist in the wine industry; SCHARFENBERGER for Pneumatic presses, COQUARD for a patented horizontal “basket type” press (for MCC or where whole bunch pressing of white grapes is required) & MARZOLA for Basket & Final presses. We also supply very small presses to micro producers.


Pneumatic Press:

Launched in 1971 by SCHARFENBRGER and continually developed, the pneumatic press is now available in 16 different sizes from 6 to 320 hl capacity, and with three different press systems (open, closed and dual).  An unique advantage is that the complete press is produced in-house, including the electronic control system. Now the  most widely used press on the USA east coast, and very well known in Europe for the innovative Dual Press system. (



Open System:

The press basket is equipped with extremely narrow conical slots on one side. Shape and distribution of these slots guarantee the highest quality in juice and prevent the apertures from being blocked up. Advantages are: Gentle pressing /  Large door opening for filling  / Easy cleaning / Large de-juicing area guarantees short press cycles. The range also includes a press  specifically designed for Champagne/MCC (available in 4 sizes from  20 -80 hl). Optional extras include whole bunch fill hoppers.


Closed System (with or without cooling jacket) :

A closed press system with hinged or removable interior juice channels, equipped with extremely narrow slots, including an inert option. The juice drains out of the press basket directly into the juice pan. Advantages are: Gentle pressing /  Large de-juicing area  / Juice outlet fittings can be closed for fermentation or maceration time / Easy cleaning of the interior press drum with hinged or removable drain channels. As an option grapes can be cooled down before & during the pressing cycle. The press has a big cooling zone on the drum (approx 65% of the drum surface), made of laser welded pillow plates. Given the flow circuit design, a very effective cooling is provided. The cooling jacket can be used to cool down and keep the grapes cool, to pre-cool the drum before filling, or to warm up grapes if ever required. Furthermore it could be used for cold maceration. It can be run with water, water-glycol-mixture or glycol and it is a close circuit application.


Dual systems:

The only grape press manufacturer to offer the dual system, combining the advantages of closed and open systems, depending on their requirements. Advantages are: The exterior juice channels can be quickly and easily mounted or demounted, granting maximum long-term flexibility for their choice of press system / Easy to clean.



Horizontal Hydraulic Champagne (MCC) Press:

The PAI horizontal hydraulic press from COQUARD is patented and widely acknowledged as the best in the Champagne region (France). It is ideally suited for whole bunch pressing of white grapes.  The patented design is basically a horizontal hydraulic press and it opens completely for easy loading. A large square tilted pressing plate provides the ideal ratio between pressing surface and grape volume. A large drainage area facilitates the rotation of the pomace by gravity between cycles. Pomace rotation in this manner (vs traditional complete breaking-up) reduces oxygen contact & solids generation. Further benefits include; low noise operation, quick & complete dry pomace evacuation and an automatic rinsing cycle (



Basket Press:

Since 1851 MARZOLA contributed towards innovation at some of the leading worldwide wineries and is currently arguably the most recognized Basket Press brand in South Africa. Various sizes are available, from  10hl to 26hl with either stainless steel or wooden baskets. Designed according to traditional pressing principles to obtain premium wines by delicate treatment of the grapes. The extraction speed control allows for a uniform juice flow through the mass. No oxidation takes place and wines come out bright and clear. All of these characteristics have been compared in analytic studies and organoleptic evaluations in internationally renowned wineries (



Final Press (Progressive Draining Press):

The MARZOLA final press use a continuous work process with technology that prevents the mass returning during pressing. The process is similar to that of a hydraulic press where the pressure is increased gradually to the final point. (


Basket Presses for micro producers:

For garagiste or micro applications we work with 2 companies; Mori & Marchisio. ( and  (

Desulphurization, concentration (& evaporation)


Our suppliers, I.F.ind. ( and VLS Technologies ( provides desulphurization equipment covering capacities of 5,000 - 30,000 lt/h for grape juice. Depending on the exact requirements, the most suitable solution will be selected from the more appropriate supplier.

Concentration (& evaporation)

Electrical vacuum concentrators as well as falling film type concentrators are offered by our suppliers VLS Technologies and/or I.F.ind.


Various filtration and separation solutions are available via CDS LiquiSep, a division of CDSVINTEC. CDS Liquisep has its own dedicated website (

Solutions offered include flotation plants, rotary drum vacuum filters, horizontal & vertical screen filters, sheet filters, press filters, housing for cartridges, crossflow filters, membranes for cross flow filters, reverse osmoses plants and machines for pH correction/tartrate stabilization. 

Founded in 2017, CDS LiquiSep, the key supplier is VLS Technologies (
Solutions offered are designed and developed in-house, thus simplifying troubleshooting. As an Illustration of their technical innovation, VLS Technologies recently scooped an award (1 of only 4 awarded) for innovation in Cross‐Flow technology at SIMEI/DRINKTEC 2017, as they did in 2015.

Membrane Technology Separation

Standard Cross Flow solutions

Standard Cross Flow solutions to the wine, beer, fruit juice, cider and edible oil industries are available from CDS LiquiSep (a division of CDSVINTEC).

Options include semi‐automatic units from 30 ‐ 120 sqm and fully automatic units from 30 ‐ 840 sqm.

For detailed information, please refer to
Solutions are supplied by VLS Technologies (

Specialized Cross Flow solutions (pH reduction/tartaric stability)

Specialized cross‐flow solutions including units adapted for lees (tank bottoms), units that can do both lees and wine as well as solutions for edible oils, cider and juice are available from CDS LiquiSep (, supplied by VLS Technologies.
See the website for more details.

Certain solutions, for instance where automated in-line treatment of the acid waste water is required during pH reduction/tartaric stabilization, may be sourced from Permeare (


Our 3 major suppliers offer a full range of pumps (mono, rotary piston, impeller, centrifugal etc) to suit any need. We also offer a specialized solution for red ferment pump over.


FRANCESCA Pompe Enologiche, made in Italy by famed engineer, Roberto Manzini, are arguably the best wine pumps in the world. These multipurpose pumps can effectively handle everything from Grape Reception to Bottling, including barrel racking, tank topping, container loading etc (Smallest unit: 1500 – 9000l/h & biggest unit: 15 000 – 60 000l/h). FRANCESCA is specialised producer of volumetric pumps using rotary pistons for oenological use and design and manufacture pumps exclusively to be used in Wine making. Their specialist knowledge of the sector allow them to supply uniquely specialized and patented pumps, able to respond to modern day functionality demands in compliance with the most delicate cellar operation methods, for those interested in quality manufacturing. It is gentle enough to wine while transferring from barrel to barrel, but powerful enough for pumping pressed grapes. This is due to the revolutionary but simple design of the rotary piston pump and variable speed drive. The pump is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy and inexpensive to maintain. (


CME supplies peristaltic, rotor and piston pumps. The peristaltic pumps are suitable for most tasks within the winery, given their gentle handling.  They can handle solids easily, and can be run dry without any fear of burning, giving you peace of mind. They are available in sizes ranging from 10,000 l/h up to 75,000 l/h, and all pumps come complete with electronic speed control. Based on fifty years of experience in the wine-making sector, CME has developed a vast range of advanced technology piston pumps that feature a high level of efficiency, sturdiness, and reliability. Maintaining the fundamental "long stroke" characteristic, these pumps make it possible to obtain a high yield, even with the most difficult liquids, as well as flow that is regular, balanced, and smooth. All this in the maximum respect for the qualitative characteristics of the product. (


MENCARELLI supplies a very affordable range of self-priming, impeller type centrifugal pumps and volumetric pumps with a wide application range and it has proven to be very reliable and easy to maintain (

We also stock a very limited range of ANDRE BODIN flexible impeller & piston pumps. While these pumps are perceived to be more expensive than most, we continue to service a discerning clientele. This premium product is suitable for general usage, transfer between tanks, extraction, filtration and bottling wine and spirits. The piston pumps in the VS series can be used for pumping destalked grapes.



The SOCMA Turbo Pigeur system for red ferment pump overs offers an efficient way to pump over without needing full supervision. It has a sophisticated flooding action which simulates a punch down in a thorough but gentle (with low impact fountain) action. It is easily cleanable and halves the labour involved with pump over, makes it impossible to pump over the wrong tank. A 1 metre extension can be used, allowing the unit to be used for thicker caps and different tank sizes. It has speed variation with reversible frequency giving complete flexibility and a timer as standard. Double half elbow enables a split direction of spray of up to 6 metres.


Other Winery Processing Equipment

  • Cellar Processing equipment for small wineries & the garagiste: We work with various suppliers to provide any conceivable requirement for micro producers. ( &
  • Stainless Steel fittings, valves & other accessories: NW, DIN, Garolla fittings, tank keys, sample & gauge cocks, ball & butterfly valves and flanges
  • Hosing & Fittings: Special Duty spiral hosing for food grade liquids (up to 50% alcohol content) with shockproof rigid PVC spiral and flexible transparent PVC wall.
  • Waterproof lights for tanks & barrels
  • Measuring Equipment: Hydrometers, refractometers, ebulliometers.
  • High pressure cleaners & barrel washers
  • Grape handling tools & accessories: Grape rakes, shovels, PVC buckets, bins and funnels etc.
  • Cleaning tools: Colour coded brush ware (HACCP), brooms, tank brushes etc.
  • Sanitizing chemicals: For wineries, breweries & other food production and packaging facilities.
  • Food Grade Plastic Tanks (small to medium sized)
  • Generators (Ozone & nitrogen) – contact Heinrich Engelbrecht
  • Barrel accessories: We offer a complete range of barrel accessories including bungs, “wine thieves”, high pressure barrel cleaners etc.
  • Flow meters: We offer a Wine Flow Management System (WFMS) , differentiated from standard Flow meters by the temperature and sampling options and the application specific software that guarantees better accuracy. It is; accurate to within 0.35%, of “plug in and use” design, mobile, made of food grade materials, able to withstand CIP programs, able to handle flow rates of 800 - 60 000l/hour, have bidirectional measurement ability, have intermittent capacity, have the ability to record and send data via Wifi or Bluetooth or any other generally accepted manner, utilizes Endress Hauser flowmag meter components, able to record, store and send data (volume & temperature measurements), able to handle wine (filtered and unfiltered) and can be SANS accredited. Optional extras may include (on demand); in line sampling, specific connectivity preferences & a printer.