Company Profile
CDSVintec (PTY) Ltd supplies raw materials and consumable products to the wine industry, including items such as corks, capsules, fittings, hose, barrels and other related products. A specialist range of equipment that covers all aspects of the wine processing cycle, from grape crushing and pressing to bottling and packaging are also supplied. This supply is fully supported by our technical department, which includes a complete range of spare parts, as well as Italian-trained technicians based at our Paarl Head Offices and workshop. CDSVintec is privileged to represent a variety of European and Italian manufacturing companies in South Africa. In fact, some of these suppliers have been represented by CDSVintec for over 50 years.
To be the premier supplier of raw materials, machinery and equipment to the South African wine industry.
  • Customer and Market-focussed
  • Highest standard of quality in all aspects - people, product, service
  • Integrity, Honesty, Mutual Respect and Ethical Business Practices
  • Effective teamwork
  • Results-orientated
  • Leading by example
  • Encouraging and embracing change that drives improvement

1905 Charles de Solla started CDS as a trading company and owned it until 1927, when a Mr. Morrie Steinberg purchased the company. In 1946 Gordon Simpson, father of present shareholder Darryl, purchased the company on his arrival from England. The company was then Johannesburg-based, but Os Simpson, Gordon's brother, started doing business in Cape Town. This marked the beginning of CDS's now extensive involvement in the Cape wine industry.

1955 Gianni Viotti took over the partnership from Os Simpson, and the Johannesburg operation was trading in specialised imported foodstuffs and liquor products, predominantly Cinzano, Red Heart Rum, Tia Maria and Jameson's Irish Whiskey, to name but a few.

1972 Darryl Simpson joined CDS Johannesburg and then moved to CDS Cape Town in 1980. At this time Gianni Viotti's son, Franco, also joined the Cape Town expansion programme into the wine industry. Franco and Darryl's fathers soon retired and closed the Johannesburg office. This allowed new owners Darryl and Franco to concentrate their efforts on growing the business within the wine industry. Then, in 1993, Franco sold his share of the company to Peter Peck.

TODAY CDSVintec has three principal shareholders: Darryl Simpson, Peter Peck and HG Molenaar.

Darryl Simpson
Managing Director

Darryl Simpson has been involved in wine industry sales and management for over 25 years.


Peter Peck
Marketing Director

Peter Peck is a highly qualified winemaker with over 15 years experience.